Jul 29, 2009

Illuminating mini toaster

Appropriately named, furniture-for-small-spaces discovered this seriously innovative toaster for small kitchens. I am tempted to buy it just because..........

May 31, 2009

Immersed in spirited colors!!

Absolutely fabulous from pointclickhome

Ruffled shower curtains by India Rose at Burkedecor

Amazing fabrics above

Above Louis XV desk from grange.fr

I am not sure of the origins of this photograph, but it certainly is color drenched and I just adore the lime green table and the boldly designed wall.

Rich, vibrant colors set against a brown checkered background. This fabric was designed by Patty Young...inspired by a vacation in the South of Spain. quilthome.com

Dramatic magenta, red, gold and orange room photo found at kiitosmarimekko, a New York Upper East Side concept store.

May 30, 2009

What the heck is a flokati? Only the most sumptuous of rugs!

I really wanted to get this post up because I am so enamored with shag-modernrugs.com but I haven't a whole lot of time to describe completely their deliciousness!!

They offer the best in flokati rugs, at the best prices, with the best customere service, at your door practically the day before you order. I have two 5 x 7's and have purchased, for my non-internet friends, their very own flokati rugs...also from shag-modernrugs.com.

I recommend the plush 4000g flokatis. Much thicker and can handle plenty of action. I wouldn't go less than 4000g unless it is just for show or sits in a mostly unused guest room. There is a huge difference between the weights and I think it is absolutely worth the price difference.

We have four pets who sleep on them constantly and a son with many friends who romp on them...... and still they retain their thickness, their stand-up shag look and with a shake here and there...they manage to remain clean. This continues to surprise and impress me.

The process and history of the flokati can be found easily with a google search. Because of the process...the wool retains some oil making them resistant to dirt. Smaller sizes can be machine washed in cold water. Otherwise.....one can soak them in a tub and allow to dry outside in the shade. Vacuum without the roller...just use a suction attachment. More info. can be found at the shag-modernrug site.

Prices vary greatly from site to site. I believe shag-modernrug to be the least expensive and the quality is unsurpassable.

Lastly, flokatis add great style and elegance in settings from mid century to contemporary to eclectic and classic. Pretty awesome.

Flokati Rugs

May 15, 2009

GREEN....still a color...not just a point of view!!

Beautiful things in shades of green! Frilly umbrella from sbumbrella comes in several colors and styles and is, I think, charming!! The heavily distressed deep olive highboy and chest are both from invitinglighting. Green bedroom with white writing desk is from apartmentherapy.
Green puppy dog fabric is from a really neat site called bonbonkakku that prints and distributes fabrics designed by...well, anyone! One has to secure enough votes to have it printed. Check it out! Table runner can be found at dermondpeterson along with other deliciousness! Pacific-home carries the lime green console table and other treasures...many beachy...island oriented.

Deb Harvey....THE AMAZING CAT WOMAN.....artist!!!!

Yes, you heard right...Deb Harvey..the elusive catwoman fighting the crime of 'boooorrrrinnng' one PAINTING at a time.

I was so fortunate to have found my friend, Deb, on ebay several years ago. Since then...many paintings and jewelry exchanges and purchases later.....our friendship has continued on from 3000 miles away!!!

Deb's paintings never lack for color, and are in fact bursting with rich and saturated color !! Her expressive cats often take on the facial characterististics of humans.....which, I am thinking, is no surprise. Interestingly, her dogs are painted in a somewhat different hand and are equally magnificent...perhaps even sweeter. And, not to forget....her portrayal of women...lovely....like someone you would want to meet!

Eh hem....The original gold background cat with collar hangs in my living room.

So here is to you Miss. Deb Coffee Girl Artist Person!!!

Deb's blog

Apr 12, 2009

Vibrant Pillows

I adore almost all of these except the bolster and the turquoise pillow. Well, I really only like the pillows that have the amazing pink and red mix!!

Pillow Life

Westelm always has affordable and often interesting pillows like the perched parrotkeets above.

Maison 24 has a neat selection of pillows including these with images taken from nature and the likes of our best friends!!

zgallery carries this cool sea turtle pillow.

From the artful home, richly hued silk pillows by Laura Goldstein

Apr 8, 2009

A perfect purple!!

Just another pretty room! The purple/periwinkle wall reaches out to its complimentary golds and reds. Warm and inviting and slightly exotic!

...sofa too extreme? How about a cute little chest

I love this!! From maisonsdumonde

....and another fuchsia sofa!

Only a year ago....it would be hard going to find a fuchsia or magenta sofa without custom ordering the fabric. Now THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! And the selection of shades and hues of this magnificent...somewhat reminiscent of the 60's....pulsing pink COLOR is also abundant! Bravo and all that!

Apr 7, 2009

Crate and Barrel....another perfect sofa

The Willow sofa is my second choice. Starting at 1600. , it too has sleek lines and plush cushions. crateandbarrel

I prefer the two large back pillows of this sofa to the multiple pillows of the Oasis sofa below. This way one can add a bunch of throw pillows and not have it looks so crowded. Still deciding.

Designers Guild

Search through this blog and you will come to the conclusion that magenta and lime are my favorite colors. So true! But until recently it was hard going to find quality furniture in these brilliant hues. Lots of fuchsia, magenta, lime and other vibrant colors at designersguild.

Crate and Barrel....the furnishings are exceptional

Ok, so I finally explored the new Crate and Barrel at Towson Mall! Sensory overload! But, then I don't get out much..to shop! I think I sat on every sofa and stayed on each one just a minute or two longer than I should. After much searching, I do believe I have found my sofa!! The Oasis!! Around $2,000.....it is worth twice that for it's comfort and for looking so beautiful. It's clean lines will allow it to shine in almost any decor. I would describe it as modern shabby. The base is quite structured and I love that there are no curls or scrolls. The hugely plush..and elongated cushions soften the straight edges. The chair, too, is dreamy...and add to the chair a most wondrous footstool it looks like a chaise and becomes heartbreakingly perfect!

The store itself is divine! Explosive colors here and there, mostly in the form of Marimekko fabrics, bedding and summery home goods. Where before it was one level and limited...it is now two floors and HUGE..expansive...glorious!

I don't even purchase much from crateandbarrel, but when I do, it is a forever piece.